(Hey Allie - Cont.) 


3. Hold on Allie-I’m comin’ with you

    I think my days in this place are through

    There’s earthquakes everywhere and the children are all starving to death

    And looking at the restless sea

    I realize this ain’t the place for me

    Hold on honey I’m takin’ just one more breath


3rd  Chorus: And I’ll be with you in a little while

We’ll hold hands and I know we’ll smile

We’ll reminisce about the way it was before

And I feel bad for those I left behind

I hope someday that they will find

The peace in their heart that they’re lookin’ for



4. Hey Allie I’m getting close

I just need one more dose

Hey Allie I’m walkin’ on through that door


(fade) Hey Allie, Hey Allie


Everything’s Just fine

Words and Music, by Rick Frost, c. 2005, BMI


  1. I was sad and lonely-living in my car
  2. Eating church donated crackers

Sometimes – a candy bar

And her-she is only

The best friend that I’ve got

She brings me fans when it is snowing

And snowsuits when it’s hot

And people say she’s crazy

I don’t really mind

Cause I found out the hard way friend

Good friends are hard to find


Chorus: So I tolerate her strangeness

Just like she does mine

And we celebrate our differences

And everything is fine

(repeat chorus)


  1. And we talk of life’s beauty

As we struggle to survive

Of warm exotic places

But neither of us drive

Sometimes we talk of Jesus

Of the things that came to pass

Of maybe learning how to drive

But the cars always out of gas

So we collect our bottles

A ragged blanket here or there

Sometimes we feel so holy

Sometimes we just don’t care


Repeat chorus twice


And we dream of better places

Warm rain and cold sunshine

And we celebrate our strangeness

And everything is fine


  1. And we don’t talk of politics

Cause they don’t affect us much

Doesn’t matter who is president

Cause we’re way out of touch

And we don’t’ believe in money

We agree it’s nasty stuff

Crackers, candy and a blanket

That’s more than enough

And people say we’re crazy

And we’ll get locked up soon

I don’t’ know what that all means

But there’s a rainbow around the moon


(Chorus 3 Repeat twice)


            People say we’re beggars

            I think it was fate’s design

            We have our dreams and each other

            And everything is fine


            Everything is fine

            Every little thing

            Is just O.K.-and fine



You’re Gone

words and music, by Rick Frost, c. 2005, BMI


1.  Glasses Clinking and the crowd is loud

     And I’m sitting here alone

     It’s not that I forgot how to speak

     I’m just stuck in a frozen zone

     Ladies walk-up, they smile at me

     Say, how do ya do?

     But I find, in my mind

     That I can’t respond-Cause’ I’m always thinking of you


Chorus: But you’re gone-you’re changing

You’re gone-rearranging

You’re gone-You’ve changed

You’re gone-And I’m the same


2.  Glasses clinking and they toast the host

     And someone says “God Bless”

     I stare at my beer, wonder why I’m here

     And I can’t even venture a guess

     People walk up and say “hello”

    And I guess I know them all

    But I can’t put a name to a face

    Cause I feel like I’m part of the wall


(Chorus)  -  (Break)


3.  Laughter rising, there’s a joke in the smoke

     And I find, I have a bottle of wine

     Hear a wisecrack, get a slap on the back

     And, someone says, “You’ll be fine”

     Someone shoves a joint in my face

     Say’s hey man take a toke

     But I already know-nothings gonna make me feel better

     Noting that I drink, or smoke


(Repeat Chorus)


Dogs In The Moonlight

words and music, by Rick Frost, c. 1998, BMI


1.The dogs in the moonlight

 Casting shadows on my lawn

 I turn to you for comfort

 Forgetting that you’re gone

 Everything has turned to shadows

 In this eerie yellow light

 I sure could use some company

 Wish you were here tonight

 And I’m lonely and alone

 Will this feeling ever end

 Not only did I lose my lover

 I also lost a friend


2.Sorry that I hurt you

 And pushed you far away

 But the circles had been broken

 And you said you could not stay

 And you walked into the darkness

 And were swallowed by the light

 Leaving me with questions of who was wrong or right

 And its hours til the morning

 When the light will reach my door

 Caressing frozen memories

 Don’t know what I was left here for


And (Repeat First Verse)

(Repeat First Four Lines – 3 Times)


Gone … Gone ….Gone (Fade)


Nothin’ We Can’t Do

words and music, by Rick Frost, c. 2005, BMI


I’m not omnipotent baby-I’m just a man

But I can walk on water I know that I can

All’s it takes is for me to believe it can be done

I’m not different babe-I’m the same as you

You say look at all those magical things that you do

Just takes some faith babe-then it starts getting’ fun

I transcend both time and space

Can be right here while in some other place

It ain’t voodoo child-I just believe that I can

There’s nothing I can’t do

You don’t believe it-it’s the same for you

I can move mountains-yet I’m merely a man




Religions and governments they rave and they rant

Caught in the chains of this thing called “I can’t”

So exalted and powerful yet to blind to see

There are no boundaries to what we create

Believe in love that’s how we end hate

Just know we can do it

Then will it to be

We’re all knocking on the next levels door

We don’t’ need poverty, we don’t need war

Truly believe it and they cease to exist

We’re not the God but we all are Gods

Metaphysical lightening rods if we embrace our goodness

There’s nothing we can’t resist


“Extended break”


We blame our woes on a creator’s wrath

In actuality our self-constructed path

In our wisdom we somehow left the road incomplete

But that was then, and that was thens mistake

Just like the movies we shoot a second take

Realize shared vision, there’s no need to compete

Visualize yourself as being fulfilled

War and hate gone because that’s what we’ve willed

And we’ve done it with the faith of a mere mustard seed

That’s when we realize our inherent worth

Understand the concept of heaven on earth

And this time neither God, Buddha, Christ or we had to bleed…..to bleed…..to bleed


“Extended Instrumental



In the Parking Lot and Party All Night Long (Bird Flu)

words and music, by Rick Frost, c.2005, BMI


  1. I don’t want the bird flu

I don’t want the bird flu

What do you think we should do?

What would you do if it’s up to you?

I don’t’ want the bird flu

I don’t want the bird flu

You say we should go far-We don’t even have a car

Guess we’re stuck at the bar-Guess we’re stuck at the bar

Go out in the parking lot all night baby-get stoned

That’s what we’ll do

Don’t want Bush for President-Don’t want Bush for President

Already is that’s evident-Already is that’s evident

Wish I weren’t a resident-Wish I weren’t a resident

What do you think we should do-

I know that he makes ya blue

What would we do if its up to you-what would we do if it’s up to you

You say we should go far-we don’t even have a car

Guess we’re stuck at the bar-Guess we’re stuck at the bar

We’ll go in the parking lot, all night baby, get stoned

That’s what we’ll do

We’ll go in the parking lot all night baby-get stoned

That’s what we’ll do





Can’t Take You Halfway

words and music, by Rick Frost, c. 2005, BMI


1.  Time is short-and, opportunities few

     They’ll be nothing left or myself

     If I’m always doing for you

     I find if ya give someone everything they need

     They always end-up wanting more

     I got my own habits to feed

     So get up off the fucking floor


Chorus: Cause I can’t take you half-way honey

Can’t leave you here alone

Can’t even help you find my door babe

Cause I’m way to stoned

But you can always use my phone


2.  Call yourself a savior-Take a little blue pill

     Anything to give yourself the strength

     Anything to give yourself the will

     To get up and walk right out the door

     Cause, if I give you what you think you need

     You’ll only be back for more


Chorus: Cause I can’t take you half-way honey

Can’t leave you here alone

Can’t even help you find my door babe

Cause I’m way to stoned

But you can always use my phone


3.  Gonna tall ya something you don’t wanna hear

     Something that you’ll probably hate

     I can’t fix broken people-to whom I don’t relate

     So, you can spend your precious time

    With self-proclaimed redeemers

     But there’s no such thing as broken dreams

     Only broken dreamers

Chorus: Cause I can’t take you half-way honey

Can’t leave you here alone

Can’t even help you find my door babe

Cause I’m way to stoned

But you can always use my phone


4.  Gonna tell you something you don’t wanna hear

     I don’t care about the pain it brings

     We’re all junkies, babe. Just junkies for different things

     You’re a junky for happiness-mainlining hope

     Me, I’m a junky for realism-that’s why I’m firing dope


2nd Chorus: So, I can’t take you halfway honey

Can’t leave you here alone

Can’t even help you find my door babe

Cause I’m way to zoned

But you can use my phone

You can use my phone babe

Even when I’m stoned

And I’m always stoned


The Act of Trusting

words and music, by Rick Frost, c.2005, BMI


In the world of constant demands

We walk forth offering our heart in our hands

Wishing that the path was just a bit brighter


We meet a stranger-our gift they take

We pray in silence they won’t let it break

And we find that our load is just a bit lighter


The journey then becomes more of a flow

Where we’re going I really don’ t know

I guess we’ll find out-when we get there


We tell our companion that the heart easily breaks

One step off the path is all that it takes

They hold it gently saying it’s valued and rare


The path it winds and the trip is long

Started alone – now 10 million strong

Each holding forth in their hands a heart that is beating



New souls fall in asking where is it we go

The answer, always the same, we really don’t know

It’s a magical thing-none of us caring


Each of us thinking of our hearts in another’s hands

It remains unspoken but everyone understands

Part of getting to where we’re going is the act of sharing


In the dark we pass constructs oddly bizarre

Their shadows cast by a passing star

Monuments to our former selves-all silently rusting


At first encounter we are warily confused

But the understanding grows and leaves us amused

Fear diminishes in direct proportion to the growth of our trusting


Sustained by our faith in a dream

In this realm where nothing is as it seems

We own nothing for we’ve shared our dreams with others


We arrive as children in a joyous mood

The dreams we’ve shared, heaven sent food

A realization that we’re sisters and brothers


Each the same silent voice in their head

Ponders the wisdom of what’s been said

You had to give up everything to gain it all


We’d walked thru the valley of tears

Faith in one another abandoning fears

We’ve stumbled but we never let another fall


Taste creation, it lingers on our lip

Destination doesn’t matter, only the trip

Re-acquainting ourselves with the truth found inside


There are no stranger’s only kindred souls

Winding paths with rocks and hidden holes

But bonding hearts can never be denied



We’d begun each of us strangers

A heart in our hand, aware of the dangers

We forged a trust no force could pull apart


We’ve entered the garden of eternal sun

We hear a voice say “my children well done”

Creation is fulfilled by the beating of collective heart