Over the next onth you will see a lot of transition on this site. A player with new, never released songs will be installed. An Avatar is being trained to talk with you. I have put together a collection of some of the worlds most incredible photographs and photo-art. A chat room that handles 500 users simultaneously is being configured and a lot of unbelievable surprises are coming down the pike.



Part and parcel, of the endeavor to engineer a more equitable way of life for all, is the realization that you have to begin within the boundaries of your own community. In putting together the current project, Something Special, we found that some of the more critical deadlines were only reached due to the abundance of talent that resides within our own community. 

The ability to duplicate and package a large quantity of CDs, in a very short time span, was only doable because of the talents, capabilities and attitude of local business owners and their employees. A real big "thank you" to the folks at neato.com and Quick Link Information Services, Inc. Their "can do" attitude and philosophy made it possible for us to present a finished project to our audience on Jan. 21, 2006. These folks took on a project with an unreasonable request regarding turn- around time  and they pulled it off. Not only did they complete the job, but it reflected the pride these organizations rightfully have in the quality of their employees as well as their capabilities.

We ran into the same mindset with area media sources: Rudy Sturk @ The Branford Review; Amy Barry @ Source Publishing; Nick Scalia @ Play Magazine; Pete Stewart @ WPKN; James Velvet @ WPLR; Dave @ thelocalbandsshow.com; Pat Ferrucci @ The New Haven Register; Kim Williams and Brian Gillie of Ctmusicscene.com; and the listings editors for The Hartford Advocate and The Middletown Press. All of these extremely busy and talented folks, rolled up their sleeves and helped us push a concert at The Stony Creek Puppet Theater - that turned out to be nothing short of being a magical night.

The point here being, if you are a local musician, or artist. If you are starting up a project, take a good look at our natural community resources, when it comes to talent and business savvy, before you make the decision to outsource. We have some pretty incredible, wonderful and talented individuals right here in our own back yard. SO SUPPORT OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES and THANK OUR LOCAL JOURNALISTS and DJ's. We are pretty fortunate to be where we are.


Rick Frost     


Local Milfrod woman scores on national literay scene. Click link below for full story


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The ultimate goal, in establishing this site, is to establish a resource that is enduring, with regard to its' ability to contribute to the on-going effort to foster a state of collective dignity for all humankind.

Once this site is self-sufficient, hopefully by the time of my next CD Release, 50% of all net profits from sales of my Cds will be donated to charitable organizations, to assist in their efforts to provide access to basic medical care, provision of basic daily human requirements and on-going efforts to alleviate global poverty - including the huge poverty problem right here in the U.S. Unfortunately, those suffering the most from the ravages of poverty are our world's children - or, i.e our future. Our children are our future.

Please get on my e-mail list and I will keep you informed as to the progress of this project. Once initiated, all records of finances will be public and open for public scrutiny.


Rick Frost   

The arctic waters have begun to boil

Our seas polluted by blood and oil

Those who orchestrate it say its your imagination

The body counts on both sides grow high

A new twin towers to the sky

Human Gods' tell us it is but an hallucination

They send forth an idiot on a white horse

Who mumbles shit like "stay the course"

See's himself as essential to messianic visions

But he can't understand the pain he brings

He's merely a puppet thing that hangs on strings

Manipulated by those who make the true decisions

-excerpt from Apocalyptic Dream #13, Fifteen Souls In My Pocket, Rick Frost, c. 2006, All Rights Reserved - Slated to be released October, 2006